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Preliminary Program | 2016 AAPS Annual Conference

Dear Colleagues,


We are in the final stages of planning for the upcoming conference.  You should have received a copy of the preliminary program in the last few days.  We have now added names of the plenary speakers, speakers giving opening and closing remarks, and chairs of the panels:


Opening Remarks: Dr. Phillip M. Lyons, Prof. Jiang Wenrong, Dr. Yu-Lan Yeh


Plenary Session 1:  Dr. Jihong Solomon Zhao (Dr. Yu-Lan Sandy Yeh, Dr. Jurg Gerber)


Plenary Session 2:  Dr. Phillip M. Lyons (Dr. Yu-Lan Sandy Yeh, Dr. Jurg Gerber)


Panel 1 ChairJae-Sung Lee
Panel 2 ChairKate Angulski
Panel 3 ChairWen-Chih (Billy) Huang
Panel 4 ChairKingsley Ejiogu
Panel 5 ChairWen-Chih (Billy) Huang
Panel 6 ChairShih-Ya (Connie) Kuo
Panel 7 ChairSamuel Lin
Panel 8 ChairYudu Li
Panel 9 ChairShinji Nakamura


Panel Chairs will be in charge of their respective panels.  Depending on the number of presentations in each panel, each presenter will have about 15 minutes for their presentation, but you should schedule some time for discussion in each panel.


While the Opening Remarks and the two Plenary Sessions are firmly planned, we may have to make changes in the panels.  We are receiving some late cancellations and additions that may necessitate making changes in the program.  Attendees will receive the final program when they register at SHSU.


Looking forward to seeing you soon.





Jurg Gerber, Ph.D.


Chair of AAPS 2016 Organizing Committee

College of Criminal Justice

Sam Houston State University

Huntsville, TX 77341-2296



Phone: 936-294-3172

Fax: 936-294-1653

e-mail: gerber@shsu.edu

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